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Atomic Pictures LogoTired of working with 3D Animation and creative firms who don’t do much but retread the same old, tired ideas over and over?  Consider working with Atomic Pictures – one of the premier visual effects and computer animation firms in Texas.  Whether its broadcast television, industrial animation or a product demonstration, we can help you inject excitement and energy into any of your creative visual projects, at an affordable cost.

Graphic designers can often be hit and miss – businesses have to rely on finding one that can really act as a true strategic partner for them, and make the effort to understand their operations and marketing programs.  Atomic Pictures positions ourselves in exactly this way; we are more than a 3D animation design firm, we act as a marketing partner who is dedicated to helping you achieve long-term success.

  • Full Service CGI – Unlike some other visual effects and animation firms, Atomic Pictures is completely full-service.  Whether you are looking for completely custom animation, tracking, rotoscoping, compositing, or anything else related to the creation or editing of digital visual effects, we have trained experts who specialize at helping you turn your ideas into reality.

  • Cutting Edge Techniques – At Atomic Pictures, we employ cutting edge graphic arts techniques and software than enable us to create visual content that really pops.  We use an essential arsenal of software including Autodesk Maya & Softimage, Lightwave, After Effects and a ton trackers and plugins to help us ensure we are creating maximal production value for your CGI projects.

  • Incredible Value – While Atomic Pictures will not always be the cheapest contractor available, you will be hard-pressed to find one that offers better value.  We have rock solid pre-production and quality control programs that ensure we get things done right the first time.  You won’t find anyone that offers a higher level of service to their customers than we do either.

Contact us at Atomic Pictures today for your free consultation on how CGI visual effects and 3D animation can be used to help improve your marketing and advertising programs.  We’ll analyze your concept and project from top to bottom, and even make helpful suggestions that can help improve the quality while lowering the cost.

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